Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"Welcome to Hollywood! What's Your Dream?"*

Sunday afternoon we took the Metro down to Hollywood. Coleman really wanted to go-I think he expected to see starlets walking around!
Gold line to the red line, get off at Hollywood and Highland!
El Capitan Theatre...The Princess and the Frog was showing. Definitely need to see a Disney movie here some day!
The kids enjoyed the cement handprints, but didn't really know who any of the actors were.
Carolyn loved that her hands were the same size as Shirley Temple's!
They did know Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) and Clark Gable (Rett Butler).
Ditto for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We did happen upon a family favorite, Harrison Ford (aka Han Solo/Indiana Jones!)
And everyone's favorite, Walt Disney.
Coleman was excited to find his name, even if it was misspelled!
We took the subway back
and met Kim and family for dinner at my new favorite steakhouse.
Such fun! Even if she forgot to mention the ties. I felt a little gypped.

*Name that movie.


Queen B said...

I bet you were a GREAT tour guide!

Jane said...

Awesome photos!

I mom, therefore I blog.