Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spaghetti with Meatballs

Growing up, Jim's family always had macaroni and gravy (pasta with red sauce) on Sundays and many Thursdays. Jim's younger brother Chris didn't like gravy, so Jim's mom always made him a chicken pot pie to eat. I've always thought this was funny, since I know how much Chris loves macaroni now! My kids have never been crazy about red sauce, either, although the boys are finally coming around. Of course, Jim's mom didn't use a recipe, but Jim watched her enough that he makes a passable version of her gravy but hasn't mastered meatballs. I wouldn't begin to try to compete with hers, but I've found a recipe that I've tweaked enough that it is pretty similar.

Today, Carolyn asked to help cook and made her first meatballs!
She told the boys that making meatballs is grosser than you think! You can't make meatballs without using your hands. (Tip: use a cookie scoop and all the meatballs will be the same size.)

Printable recipe here.


Paula said...

I am soooo very with Carolyn on that one. I can not stand to touch raw meat. It just makes me want to gag (or worse). I admit it: I wear cafeteria lady gloves when ever I have to touch raw meat. major bbbllllleeecccckkkkk

Queen B said...

she's going for it, though!

that's funny about the alternative to mac/gravy. I guess I didn't like lasagna as a kid, so my mom always made us rigatoni with red sauce and mozz. Love lasagna now, of course!

Jane said...

Have never heard the term macraoni and gravy.

We do gyros around here

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