Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Carnival

Saturday was the Spring Carnival at our school. The PTA has been working for weeks (months!) to pull it off and everything went off without a hitch, including the weather which was gorgeous! I worked the ticket table and food table all day, but Jim managed to get some pictures before he took off to lacrosse.
Carolyn and Molly both got cardinals painted on their faces.
And slid down the huge inflatable slides.

He even managed to get the boys to stand still long enough to snap one picture!
Coleman had a lacrosse game right in the middle of carnival and Christian's was at the end. I was able to catch Christian's game after we finished cleaning up and then we stopped for ice cream on the way home.
Coleman and his friend Jack got the convertible seats!
A bunch of exhausted volunteers ended up at Heather's for pizza and margaritas-a perfect end to a perfect day!


Jenn Ann said...

Carolyn has great taste in ice cream!

Paula said...

I'm assuming that is Mint Chocolate of my Grandpa Rand's 2 favorite flavors.

Queen B said...

a 'rita was definitely in order!

mmmmmmmmm.... ice cream..........

this looks like a really FUN time for the FUNaholics :)

Beth said...

You all did a fantastic job on the carnival this year! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to DCES! :-)

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