Thursday, April 29, 2010


Coleman's team had a game on Tuesday. He plays U-11 lacrosse, which means that all of the players are nine and ten. It was a rough game but our boys won 5-3. When the boys came off of the field after the end-of-game handshakes and huddled for the post game meeting, it was obvious that several of them were upset. After everyone dispersed, I found out why.

Apparently, one of the kids on the other team was using some extremely foul language throughout the game. This same kid was also penalized for a very dangerous and illegal hit during the game. Coleman told me that at the end of the game, when the players go down the line and shake hands with each other, this kid said to him, "Nice game, motherf****." And even WORSE, this kid had used the N word to our African American player throughout the game.

THIS KID IS TEN YEARS OLD. Needless to say, a complaint was made and the league, director and kid's parent all handled the situation in a very appropriate way. But the thing I can't get past, is that the kid is only ten years old.

Also this week, two boys in Coleman's class got ISS (in school suspension) for urinating on the fence during PE. Neither boy was remorseful and neither boy got in trouble at home. AGAIN, THESE BOYS ARE NINE YEARS OLD.

What are we teaching (or not teaching) our boys? Don't get me wrong-my kids are no where NEAR perfect. Nor am I a perfect parent. I know that sometimes I live in my own little bubble, but how can these things be happening at such a young age?


Jenn Ann said...

Good for you and all the other parents of the kids that recognized the poor/awful/unbelievable behavior of the other kid. There's no such thing as perfect parenting, but it seems like some don't even try, and that's just sad and scary.

KFuj said...

I deal with this daily in middle school. Not in my class but in the school. Kids bring drugs, alcohol, and knives to school. Where do they get these things, at home. Some parents don't even know what their kids are wearing to school. Luckily we have uniforms so its somewhat contained.

I'm glad something way said about this young man"s behavior. I wish parents could be penalized too for their lack of parenting. I guess that's what CPS is for, yet I've called and they seem to be unconcerned unless its major physical abuse.

Jane said...

Oh man! This is a parental problem for sure

Tell Coleman I think he is the coolest kid ever

Queen B said...

wow. not cool. very disappointing

The first time my brother met Chris was at a flag football game with the E. Plano Friday's vs. W. Plano. One of the guys on the other team called Chris the "N" word... and Chris decked him. That was a fantastic first meeting.

people suck

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