Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Last Day of Spring Break

Went to church
Cleaned out the garage
Ate grilled hotdogs on the deck
Sat on the front porch and finished a mindless book and enjoyed it
Hosed the pollen off of the front porch
Walked 2.2 miles at Little Mulberry Park
Watched Mickelson win the Masters
Cooked fish for dinner
Gave Coleman a haircut
Wrote a completely boring blog post!


Paula said...

it cant be a boring post if it includes kids or cookies...and it's double exciting if it has both!

Queen B said...

I missed... did you respond to my adoption request?

Andrea said...

Queen B-yes, I will adopt you! But you must get yourself to Georgia. Have Chris put you on a plane with a note in your backpack!

I mom, therefore I blog.