Monday, April 12, 2010

Locks Of Love, Take Two

Carolyn has been talking about donating her hair again.
It has only been 18 months since she donated 10 inches to Locks of Love!
So today we went to the salon and she got her hair all chopped off!
She told the stylist she wanted it chin-length, but I think the first snip still surprised her.
That is a LOT of hair!
We LOVE her new 'do!
Good-bye 11 more inches!
Six years old and she has donated twice... not a bad record, I would say!


Paula said...

Her hair is ADORABLE!!!
Such a great thing to do, Carolyn! Princess has been growing her out to do Locks of Love for over a year and it just won't grow! I'll show her this tomorrow and let you know what she says.

Carpool Queen said...

Yay for her! And the new do is ADORABLE.

Queen B said...

what a kid!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Carolyn!
I like your new hair cut!


Diane said...

That is awesome! My hair does not grow fast.

Jane said...

You are my hero kiddo!!!!

Cute new do!

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