Friday, May 14, 2010

Jim, Andrea, Coleman and Carolyn, May 2006, Doylestown, PA
This picture is from Carolyn's third birthday party. She had a sock hop and I think it is one of the best parties we have ever thrown!

Things I love about this picture:
When I scanned and saved it, it somehow became reversed (?) See the backwards "C" on Carolyn's shirt?
I am wearing Jim's high school letter jacket. I wish I had thought to put his class ring on a chain around my neck!
I am wearing fake penny loafers
Coleman's hair is so cute gelled back
Could Carolyn have been ANY cuter?


Queen B said...

Carolyn is (always) adorable

For some reason, the only thing that stood out when I first glanced at the picture was the letter jacket. I saw the date and thought, "Andrea was still wearing her letter jacket in 2006?"

Glad to realize it was a theme :) Love the Brauns!

Jane said...

You look just like Carolyn when your face is backwards :)

Kim Thomas said...

I am 99% sure that I have seen this pic before but I just did a review on your blog and I couldn't find it. Is it on display in the house?

Andrea said...

Yes, it is in a frame in the family room upstairs!! What a memory!

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