Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Our Weekend

We went to Blue Ridge for the long weekend. The kids and I went up Friday afternoon and Jim drove up after work. It was so nice to have three whole days to be at the cabin!

In addition to the obligatory hotdogs on the campfire and playing in the creek, we also:

And watched it rain.
Gumbo kept watch
and Jim built one of the adirondack chairs (one down, one to go)
We came home early enough on Monday to catch the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship. (Yay, Duke!) And then headed to Heather's for hotdogs on the grill and swimming.

We brought the fixin's for the banana splits we didn't get to at Carolyn's party.
and the kids spend all of five minutes actually in the pool and two hours asking if it had been 15 minutes since the last thunder.
All in all a good weekend.


Queen B said...

-love the last pic :)
-I totally watched the Duke/ND game. What an amazing finish.
-am going to need more info on the cabin, since work might be bringing me nearby. I am currently 2.5 hours away from you :)

Carpool Queen said...

I have used my Rival ice cream maker more in the past week than I have in the past five years.

This is setting up to be Weight Watchers Fall.

Jane said...

I bet the fourth of july party is the best!

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