Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Trip Through The Time Machine

We celebrated Coleman's birthday early tonight with a trip to the Magic Time Machine.
We didn't tell the kids anything about where we were going-just that it would be someplace fun!
Our party was seated in the library (complete with padded walls!)
We were served by Sinbad the Sailor (with some birthday rapping assistance from Jack Sparrow.)
The birthday boy had a great time!
The kids all ordered the house specialty drink-the fizzy bubbly something or other.
It was a big hit. The adults ordered the Roman orgy.
It was a LOT of food!

The restaurant was wonderful! We knew that the food was not very well-reviewed, but the atmosphere was worth it and we were not disappointed. I'm sure the kids will want to go back every time we come to Dallas!

After we ate and were serenaded, all of the kids had their caricatures drawn.
They turned out great and I can't wait to frame them and hang them in the kids' rooms.

And since no one had had enough fun, we topped it off with a snoball on the way home!


Queen B said...

that's awesome! It was funny to hear that y'all were going there because Chris and I were just talking about it like a week ago and how we had gone there as kids.

Dawn Olive said...

Happy Birthday Coleman!!!!

Kim Thomas said...

This is awesome! Happy Birthday, bud!

Jane said...

Great photo collection

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