Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Celebration #422

After numerous birthday celebrations, Coleman finally got his birthday party. All he wanted to do was have pizza at the pool. No games, no activities, just playing with his friends. Let me get this straight; I don't have to clean my house or cook or plan anything? Seriously? Okay!
So that's what we did! The first adult swim, the kids scarfed down pizza.
The second one they swarmed the cake.
And in between it was all THIS.
Make a wish!
Happy Birthday, Coleman! This is the LAST time I'm saying it this year!


Queen B said...

that is the coolest shirt EVER!

KFuj said...

Iove the pizza cake!!

Paula said...

great party!

How did you make all the toppings? I'm guessing the green peppers are from fruit rollups, but what's the rest?

Andrea said...

The green is green swedish fish for anchovies. Sausage is raisinets, onions are white gumdrops (flattened and cut out) and the meatballs are ferrera rocher truffles. Coleman said it needed pepperonis!

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