Thursday, September 09, 2010


Three years ago today, we welcomed a new addition into our home.
Belle (our dog) was getting older and older and I felt that we needed to have another dog before she left for the happy hunting ground.  I convinced Jim that we should just start "looking" for another dog.  I trolled the Petfinders website and then one Saturday we went to Pet Smart just to see what dogs were up for adoption. The store by our house only had puppies which we knew we didn't want.  So we drove down to a different store down by Jim's office.  It was later in the day, and there were only two dogs there-Gumbo (called Micky at the time!) and a female dog that was colored almost exactly like him.  I thought a girl would be better (Carolyn and I are outnumbered at our house!) until the vet who was fostering both dogs said that Gumbo was such a wonderful dog and we couldn't ask for a better pet.  And was she ever right!!  We brought him home and have never had one regret!  

He is our dog, but I am HIS person.  He loves all of us, but from the day we brought him home, he has been mine.  He sleeps at my feet and won't go upstairs to bed until I do.  He wants nothing more than to please (and a dog treat!)

We love you Gumbo and can't imagine our family without you!

If you are thinking of getting a pet, won't you consider adopting a rescue dog?  We adopted Gumbo through Leftover Pets.


Queen B said...

Go, Gumbo!

Love the unconditional love and adoration that dogs give us :)

I'm still in love with li'l Reebok at blue dog rescue :( I keep hoping he finds a nice home because we do NOT need another dog....

Wendy said...

Shelter dogs are the BEST dogs!

Jane said...

great family photo!

Paula said...

Happy adoption b'day, Gumbo!!
(I want a doggie! Wish I could talk my other-half into getting a house dog)

Kim Thomas said...

Love Gumbo and glad I got to meet Belle!

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