Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's All Greek to Me

We had to go into town last night to order Christian a new lacrosse helmet and while looking for a place for dinner, we stumbled upon OPA! in Duluth.  

The kids had never had Greek/Mediterranean food before (and my experience only extends to gyros!) so we decided to sample.
Coleman will eat anything, of course, and Carolyn was ambivalent (of course!)  
But Christian LOVED it!
We had lamb, chicken and kubideh kabobs, and also dolmatos, falafel, hummus and mirza ghasemi on homemade pita bread.  Delish!


Queen B said...


love pic2 of the happy boys :)

Diane said...

Love the lemon potatoes and rice.

Jane said...

Christian can come to my Greek house anytime!

Heather said...

I love that you say you had to "go into town" like we live in the country! HA!! The food sure looks good. I might have to "go into town" soon and have some!

KFuj said...

Yumm, I love Greek food!

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