Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Latest Project

Remember these?  Well this week I finally started my denim quilt!
 Cutting all of those 4 1/2" squares has been kind of a pain, but I LOVE the way it is turning out!  I am sewing the seams on the top so that the fray will show.

And look at this teeny, tiny pocket!  My favorite part!
I have twenty-four more squares to go before I back and bind it.  It's going to make a great picnic blanket!


Queen B said...

L O V E it!

especially the tiny pocket :)

Mary Beth said...

How cute is that!!!! I love it!

KFuj said...

The best picnic blanket ever!!

Paula said...

Very awesome! The first quilt I ever made was a rag-style quilt like that.

Jane said...

I haven't made my denim quilt this year, love this one !

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