Monday, September 06, 2010

Labor Day

Our labor day consisted of barbeque and apples.  We went to the cabin for the holiday weekend.  Every year there is a Labor Day BBQ put on by the churches in Blue Ridge to raise money for the interdenominational Good Samaritan Fund.
  We decided to go for lunch, expecting it to be rather small.  It was THE place to be!  
The barbeque was fantastic.  
I love small towns!
After lunch, we made our way to Merciers to go apple picking. 
We took a tractor ride out to the orchard
 and we sampled picked 
and brought home 
Hampshires and Jonagolds and Golden Supremes. 
Mmmm!  Apples for lunches and also for PIE!  Although the weather doesn't show it, it felt like summer officially came to an end this weekend.  I am ready for jeans and sweaters, hot chocolate and football!

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Queen B said...

whoa... that is some good-lookin' BBQ!

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