Monday, September 06, 2010

Basket Weaving 101

Carolyn was looking for a craft project yesterday and I remembered a basket-weaving kit that we got from a living history village when we still lived in Pennsylvania.
She did such a great job on it!  Look how cute it is!

It looked so much fun that I want to do one, too.  I guess my next google search will be for basket-weaving kits!


Queen B said...

totally cute!

Nancy - How to Homemaker and Basketmaster said...

Very nice. I've made something similar that I've used to hold a Yankee Candle. There are some free basket weaving patterns on my site if you are interested. Keep up the great work and share more pics of those finished baskets. (It's totally fun and addicting)

Heather said...

That is one awesome basket! I'm impressed!! Carolyn girl might just have a new talent!! So cute!

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