Tuesday, September 28, 2010

St. Jude Day at Chili's

It was a dark and stormy night...
but the Hamilton Mill Chili's was ROCKIN'!  
Lots of friends braved the weather and came out in support of St. Jude!

Troye, Jonah and Daniel
 Coleman's teacher, Mr. Furr and his family
 Marie and Pilar (and Mike and Colin, not pictured)
 Bill and Heather and Jack
Carolyn and Jack 
  Rory, Ian and Christian
 Jim, Chris and Laura
 Coleman and Noah
Susan, Sean, Ansley, Tonya, Ben, Cristian and Vince 
 Heather, Camden and Jeff (and Griffin and Molly not pictured)
Kristie, Kerry, and boys 
 Liz and Thomas
Coleman and LOOK!  a picture of me!
Of course, we all colored peppers!

How about THIS one?  
Striker had takeout
 And Burleighs ate at the baseball field!
This doesn't even count all the friends I saw at lunch-thanks Troye (again!), Dawn, Diana, Paula... and those I didn't get photos of-Sandra


(If you ate at Chili's on Monday, send me a photo!)

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Queen B said...

My plans were derailed by an evening conference call :/ argh

Why is Troye throwing up the horns :(

So happy that y'all made such a difference today! I love this concept.

I mom, therefore I blog.