Sunday, November 07, 2010

Edible Solar System

Coleman had to make a model of the Solar System for science.
An EDIBLE model.
Not that he felt that this assignment was important enough to actually BRING HOME the paper with all of the details on it.
Thank goodness for Food Coloring pens and leftover fondant from some birthday cake!
Not that we waited until the last minute, or anything.  No kids at my house EVER wait until the last minute to do an assignment!


Paula said...

I'd love to see "last minute" assignment....because "Did you know you didn't turn in last weeks assignment?" has been WAAAYYYY overdone at our house!

Andrea said...

Paula, I am very familiar with those, too. The letters "NTI" (Not Turned In) are scattered all over my middle-schoolers progress reports. :(

Kim Thomas said...

I love this. We did cupcakes tonight.

Queen B said...

YUM! This is my fave way to study the solar system... with fondant! :)

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