Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reflections Winner

This year, the Reflections theme was "Together We Can...".  I'm sure it is no surprise to anyone that Coleman wrote about lacrosse!  He won first place in Literature and his piece moved up to the county level.  Tonight was the County reception.  Unfortunately, he didn't place, and was very disappointed. 
 But I still think he rocks!  We celebrated by going to dinner at Havana South.  It was the first time for Coleman and Carolyn to have Cuban food and they are now big fans!  (Although they didn't like the plantains).  Our server couldn't believe that they tried the real food (not the cheeseburger on the kids meal!) and brought them each a Cuban dessert (something with guava in it-yum).
Here is Coleman's piece.  I think it is excellent, whether it placed at county or not!

Together We Can… Win A Game 

It was four-three Peachtree Ridge at the end of the third quarter.  Sweat was dripping off our heads as we walked off the field.  “Hustle all the way through!” Coach encouraged, as we headed back on to the field.  Mill Creek won the faceoff.  Noah sprinted down the field as time ticked out.  He passed to Willie who shot and scored!  The team congratulated him as we jogged off the field.

The score was four to four, a tie lacrosse game. With one minute thirty-seven seconds on the clock.  Noah won the face off again. He shot and MISSED!  The clock ticked out-we were going into overtime! 

I was in the middle of the huddle as Coach explained what play we would run.  They got a penalty, so we started with the ball outside in the box.  I had the ball.  Two defensemen closed on me.  I could try to dodge them both, score and be a hero.  I could also pass to Edmond who probably had a better chance in scoring than I did.  I had to think fast, though.  I quickly decided to throw to Edmond.  He caught it, winded up, and shot.  I prayed as the ball flew through the air-it bounced off the goalie’s stick into the goal!!!  The crowd went wild.  Edmond jumped.  We had beat Peachtree Ridge all because of excellent teamwork.


Paula said...

That is a fabulous play-by-play!!

And P.S.---going for the assist, when you could've tried to score yourself, makes you the awesomest kind of hero....a self-less one!

Queen B said...

Awesome job, Coleman! Wow, I can't believe he was disappointed in not winning... he seems so uncompetitive ;)

YUM-o on the Cuban food!

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