Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Election Day Take Off Tuesday

The kids were off from school for Election Day last Tuesday so we decided to go see the special exhibits at two of our favorite museums.  Our first stop was the Fernbank Museum to see the Water exhibit.
After we got into the exhibit, we realized we had already seen this traveling exhibit when we were in Dallas last summer!
If only they were always this sweet...
If only he concentrated this much on his homework...
Obligatory picture in front of argentinasaurus
By the time we left, we were all starving.  We ended up down near Emory, where we had a hard time deciding where to eat lunch-there were so many yummy-sounding choices!  We ended up at the original Dave's Cosmic Subs.  Totally a college-kid hang out!  I'm sure all of the co-eds were wondering about the mini-van mom and three kids invading their turf!
The sandwiches were delicious
and LARGE.
After Dave's, we headed over to The Atlanta History Museum to catch the Lincoln exhibit.  

No photos allowed, but it was really good.  A lot of reading, so some of us (me) got more out of it than others (Carolyn).  But the exhibit had some really interesting things, including the items from Lincoln's pockets the night he was assassinated-2 pair of glasses, a pocket knife, etc. and a bloody playbill from Ford's Theatre.

We enjoyed both of the exhibits very much!  It was nice to do something non-sports related for a change!

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