Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yearly Christmas Ornaments

Every year, I buy each kid an ornament to represent something from the past year.  Here are this year's ornaments:

For Carolyn, a bicycle because she finally learned to ride on two wheels!
 For Christian, a phone, because he received his first cell phone this year.
 And for Coleman, an apron because he is working in the Book Shop at school this year.  I had to make this one because I couldn't find a cash register ornament, or a book ornament!  Now I'm glad-I like this little apron a LOT!

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Queen B said...

That's awesome! This is related to the activity I spent Jan 2 doing at my parents' house... my mom buys an ornament each year for everyone and always worries that ornaments don't get taken off the (real) tree before it gets tossed out to the curb. So.... we went through and did a catalog of all the ornaments... year, who they were for, the Hallmark name of the ornament and a description. We also figured out which years we had missing ornaments. What we discovered is that she really didn't get very consistent until 2002! I also learned that she bought a TON of ornaments in 1989 - the first Christmas we spent without her mom who had passed away earlier in the year. The next step is to go back and order ornaments from the missing years :)

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