Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reverse Embroidery Pillow

I had so much fun making this pillow, that I decided to make another one.  I LOVE reverse embroidery! 

This project was a little more challenging because it was three colors.  I really just figured it out as I went along.  I cut three pieces of felt in the size of my pillow (20 inches) and stacked them with the gold on top, then purple, then white.  To begin, I printed out an (old school!) picture of Mike the Tiger.  I cut out the image and traced around it with a water soluble pen. 
Instead of trying to freehand the image, I cut out the large parts and traced around them and just freehanded the details.
 Once my image was drawn out, I pinned the felt together to keep it from moving while I stitched.  I also printed another image to help figure out what color all of those pieces were supposed to be!
 I hand stitched along the edge of each section and then once it was complete, I cut the felt inside of the stitch line to show the felt underneath.
Once completed, I made the pillow. 
I LOVE the way it turned out!  And now Christian has a new pillow for his room!


Paula said...

That looks incredible!!!! You are so talented!!

Queen B said...

holy cow! that is amazing! you rock

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