Saturday, March 26, 2011

Carnival Time

Today was the spring carnival at school.  After months and weeks of work, we were dismayed to see that the weather was not going to be carnival-friendly.  After reviewing one last weather report Friday afternoon, we reluctantly decided to move the carnival indoors.

What a good decision!  It started raining cats and dogs about 10:00... canceling lacrosse and soccer and baseball games and then slacking off long enough to allow all the kids to get in to the building.  I think we had a great turnout in spite of the weather!  The parking lot was full all day and there were kids everywhere.

Even with the rain, the rock wall was open.  Carolyn made it her personal mission to climb the thing until she made it to the top.  (Thanks to my neighbor for snapping her picture-I was behind the concession table all day!)

She climbed, and climbed and climbed.  Every time she didn't make it to the top, she got right back in line to try again!
 She finally made it and rang the bell!  I love that she is persistent enough to stick with something until she masters it!
A great day, all around.  We are all exhausted but are enjoying a relaxing visit to the cabin for the first time in weeks.

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Queen B said...

great job, Carolyn! she's so fierce

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