Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K of Diamonds Quilt

Today is Carolyn's teacher's birthday.  And since we ADORE her, I made her a quilt!

Her favorite colors are pink and green.
Add a fun K applique,
 and some green zebra print for a backing,
 and get a quilt that is almost too much fun to give away.
It was too dark this morning to get any decent pictures so you can't see the diamond pattern quilted in the pink stripes.  This quilt was so much fun to make!  I will definitely find something to make with the green zebra print again!


Queen B said...

love it!

Jane said...

so cute!!

Wendy said...

I like it!

I'm taking my first ever quilting class and really need to post some pictures about it. I've had one class so far and already have learned some things I didn't know before.

Andrea said...

Cute! Cute! That zebra print IS fantastic!!

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