Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer Vacation

So I think we have finalized a destination for our summer vacation!  Since I can't talk Jim into Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon, I think we are going to head east and go to Colonial Williamsburg (somewhere I've always wanted to go) and then to the Outer Banks for a couple of days. 
 I definitely want to visit Kitty Hawk.  Where else?  Any must-see destinations on this route?  Suggestions on places to stay?


Queen B said...

I'll ping my brother for OBX info. His in-laws have a beach house there. You'll have a great time! :)

Dawn Olive said...

I did this trip when I was in high school with my cousin. We went to Busch Gardens, which all the kids loved. In the outer banks we stayed in Duck. My cousin's husband is from that area. I can asked them what they do when they go visit. When I went with them we just hung out at the beach. Sounds fun, which we knew what we were doing!!!!

Kim Thomas said...

I know that Mt Rushmore is in your future....maybe 2012

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