Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jamestown Settlement

The day we went to Jamestown, I happened to strike up a conversation with a gentleman in the lobby who turned out to be the father-in-law of a new friend of mine from church!  Talk about the world being a small place!  After we chatted for a few minutes, he directed me to the the information desk-where he proceeded to get all of us in free on his Jamestown membership! (and the receipt was good for the next day at Yorktown also!)  Such a nice gesture-and one that saved us over $100!)

Jamestown was great-but it was SO HOT the day that we went!  We explored the Indian village first.
It was nice and cool in the wigwams.
 Coleman ground corn into meal
and Christian decided the animal skin beds were very comfortable.
 We learned a lot of neat things about the way the Native Americans lived.
Carolyn learned how to make rope 
 (which we will definitely try at home.)
 And the kids learned how to tan a hide.  Here they are scraping the hair off with the sharp edge of a shell.
 After the Indian Village, we went down to the dock to tour the ships.  There are replicas of the three ships that first arrived at the Jamestown settlement: the Susan Constant, the Godspeed and the Discovery.
We climbed all over the ships
 and learned some history in the process.
After the ships, we looked around the fort, tried on some armor,
 and learned how to make a canoe.

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