Thursday, June 30, 2011


In Yorktown, we visited the Yorktown Victory Center.
 Georgia was the last of the thirteen original states to be colonized, in 1752.
 There was an army encampment
 and we spent some time talking to the surgeon.  We learned that there were far fewer amputations in the Revolutionary War than the Civil War, because the ammunition was not as lethal.
 Of course, the surgeon was also the camp dentist.  Carolyn and Coleman were both fascinated and repulsed by the tools he used!
We even got to see some artillery fire! 
There was a wooden horse and punishment signs for perpetrators.  Coleman found an appropriate one!
 Inside there was a dress-up area for kids.  See my little colonists?
 These two have more personality in their little fingers than some kids have in their whole bodies!
 After we left the army encampment, we went to a 1780s homestead farm.  Carolyn got to try her hand at spinning and we learned how the revolutionary era colonists grew crops and cooked.
Then we went into town and ate a picnic lunch on a pier at the York River.

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