Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tie Dye

On our day for art camp, we tie dyed!  To prep, I prewashed our items.
Then we twisted and rubber-banded them.
The girls tie dyed tshirts, socks and bucket hats.
 Once the items were ready to tie, I soaked them in soda ash for 20 minutes while the girls played.
 Then they suited up and we broke out the dye!  The girls had a blast deciding where to squirt the colors.
I was surprised at how little mess there was!  While I cleaned up, the girls had a lunch of NOT SANDWICHES.
The shirts had to rest for twelve hours before I could wash them (so hard to wait!)
  so we delivered them to Molly and Kendall the next day.
We will definitely do this again-the tie dying was pretty simple and after searching for information online, I've found several other projects that I want to try!


Queen B said...

wow! that turned out great!

Jane said...

We love tie dying!

I mom, therefore I blog.