Sunday, January 15, 2012

Carriage Rides, Candy, City Market and the Citadel

After Fort Moultrie, we went in to Charleston and took a carriage ride around the city.  Our guide was fantastic and really knew all about the city and Charleston's long history.  This was my favorite part of the trip.
We visited City Market and I am so excited that I was able to get a Gullah sweetgrass basket!  I bought it from the lady who wove it.  She told me that she has been weaving sweetgrass baskets for 44 years.
Next stop was Robot Candy.  This photo would be a lot funnier, if I hadn't cut off Robot from the top!
 The kids loved filling their own bags 
 and weighing them... because Mom was strict about how much they could get!
 We also stopped at a super bookstore (is there anything better than a great indy book store?) called Blue Bicycle Books.  I love the name and almost bought a tshirt. 

We were all tired of walking by this point, so Jim and Coleman were sweet enough to go back and get the car while the rest of us hung out in the bookstore.  Then we drove to the Citadel and wandered around the campus and visited the museum.  
 Coleman decided that military school seemed like a lot of work.  Jim and I decided that Coleman could definitely benefit from military school.  

We checked into our gorgeous hotel, left the kids in the room to watch TV, and Jim and I enjoyed a nice dinner at an Irish pub.  What a great day!

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