Monday, January 16, 2012

Fort Sumter

Monday morning, we went to Fort Sumter.  The fort is a (mostly) man-made island in the middle of Charleston Harbor.
 It is free to get in-but of course, the ferry ride to the island is not!  
 We took a very chilly boat ride across the harbor.  The narrated trip takes about 30 minutes and we spent about 15 of it arguing, debating discussing whether or not we were going to sit inside or freeze outside. (We compromised-Jim and I in, the kids out!)
The Battery, Charleston
 We had an hour at the fort.  The guide did a great job of setting the scene, and then we wandered around inside and out of the walls and visited the museum.
 The fort was almost completely destroyed during the Civil War, but was later restored (although not to its original size) and in use through WWII.
I love when we visit someplace that the kids have learned about at school.  I think it makes the history much more real to them!  

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