Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Knee'd for Bubble Wrap?

Carolyn is not especially daring nor is she especially clumsy....
so why, of my three children (one of whom is COLEMAN) has she been the most prone to injury?

First there was this:
 dislocated elbow from playing at Chuck E. Cheese; ER visit and Xray

and then this
busted chin; ER visit, no Xray

and now this:
Last night after lacrosse practice, while playing in the dark, Carolyn tripped over a playground beam and busted up her knee
deep tissue bruising and fluid on the knee; Xray, no ER.

Luckily, this is nothing too major.  Although no activity and no lacrosse for two weeks feels pretty major to her!  

And off topic, aren't Xrays of yourself the coolest thing?

edited to add:  And I forgot about the dog bite when she was three!

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Sara said...

poor kiddo! though that first pic of her is just adorable :)

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