Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 OUT

We finished out 2012 with tickets to watch my Tigers play.  We met some friends from New Orleans downtown for dinner and then walked over to the stadium.  The kids were SO EXCITED to see the Tigers! 
 We decked out in our LSU gear, of course!
 We were right on the edge of the LSU section-there were Clemson fans in front of us and LSU fans behind us.  We were just above the LSU tunnel and got a close up view of the players and coaches.
 And of course the band was AWESOME.
 After the national anthem, thousands of cows parachuted down from the ceiling!  Carolyn almost caught one.
 I have absolutely nothing to say about the game itself, other than that even my nine-year old daughter knew that it was idiotic to pass on 2nd-and-2 and 3rd-and-2.
 We rang in 2013 in the car driving home from the game.  
2013 we are so excited to see what fun you bring us!

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Sara said...

wish there had been happy tiger faces post-game :(

love your scarf!

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