Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year in Review

This year, we:

cried through the National Championshiptook a birthday tripwent to a fortwent to another fort, went to a third fort, went to a fourth fortplanked in Charlestonwalked on Folly Beachate the best hotdog everlearned math factsbattled the stomach bug, battled the stomach bug AGAINplayed lacrosse, played high school lacrosseplayed for the Outlaws, played spring bingo, played fall bingoplayed the celloplayed the drumrode a ferry, rode the carousel, rode an airplane, rode a horseset a world recordadded a pair of eyesanchored the newsmet a role model, climbed a treeran the green, wore green, wore pinkwore hats, wore stripes, wore costumes, wore masks, wore pajamaswent to St. Augustine, watched the sun rise, walked the oldest street in Americadyed shirts, dyed eggssewed a quilt, sewed another quilt, sewed a third quiltdonated 22 inches, stopped because the light was ongot a letter, got another letter, got ANOTHER letter, got a new cartook a walk, ran a 5K, ran a 10Kran cross country, won a racegot a pie in the facegot an Xray, got another Xray, got a new carwent "camping" with friends, had cousin timeset some ruleswatched fireworks, traveled to the Lone Star State, the Palmetto State, the Volunteer State, the Pelican State, the Sunshine State, the Golden State and the Tar Heel Statespent a lot of nickels, went to jail, held a sign, carried flowerscut a rugate breakfast with Dad, stargazed in Hollywoodhung out with some famous friendschecked out the tar pits, ate my way though LAwent looking for Sheldon, found Annetried a new sport, drew lots of picturescrafted with cousins, crafted with Meme, crafted with friendswent to a tournament, went to war, won statemade a face, lit a candle

(Bring it on, 2013!)

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