Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Day Four-World War II Museum

Wednesday we went to the WWII museum.  
What an incredible place!  We spent four hours there and still didn't have time for the third floor.
 Outside of the museum is a piece of the Atlantic Wall-a fortified network of German bunkers that ran from Spain to Norway.
And a German air raid shelter.
One whole building is devoted to WWII aircraft.
 We also experienced The Final Mission of the USS Tang, a US submarine.
I was Albert Hudson and I worked in the engine room.
 Carolyn and Coleman's duty stations were at radar,
 Christian was in charge of the periscope
and Jim was in charge of steering. 
Although we sank several enemy warships
 our own defective torpedo sank us.
There were nine survivors, but none of them were Brauns. ;)

The exhibits were fantastic-I wish we had more time!
 My two favorite photos!

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