Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Troubled Economy

Traditionally, we weigh our Halloween candy. (seriously... is this not a RIDICULOUS amount of candy?  This bucket is about 14 inches tall and it's almost full!)
This year we had 10.5 pounds of candy.  Last year it was 14.5 pounds.
Troubling times!
 (Although they had gorged themselves before we remembered to weigh it.  You don't think they could have eaten four pounds, do you?)


KFuj said...

I ate so much candy last night! I thought I was going to be sick. I am not normally a candy eater, Halloween brings out the worst in me :-)

Queen B said...

hahaha. this is incredible. I think you would know if they'd had 4 lbs ;)

Kim Thomas said...

This economy is really becoming a problem. At least there is hope in Obama.....LMAO

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