Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Diner and a Movie

Today we went into Atlanta with Mrs. Kim and Kelly and ate lunch at the Majestic Diner. The Majestic is an Atlanta Landmark.
 We passed it on the way to Fernbank last Monday and it seemed like a place we needed to try!

The food was fine-typical diner food and the atmosphere was fun.  The kids spun around on the barstools sat at the counter and I took several pictures of them.  
Until the waiter came over and asked me to please not take any more photos!  He said he didn't know why, but it was against their policy.  (Are you KIDDING me?)
So we checked it off the list-been there, done that, don't need to go again!  

Our next stop was the Cyclorama. Kim grew up in Atlanta but had never been.  Although the kids and I went the first summer that we were here, Coleman and Carolyn said they don't remember going.  I love the Cyclorama!  It is the largest oil painting in the WORLD and depicts the Battle of Atlanta.  I am so sad that California Kim and company didn't get to see it!  
Unfortunately (but understandably), no cameras.  We did however, see Abe Lincoln in the bookstore.
but I'm pretty sure he was an imposter.  He was REALLY short.


Kim Thomas said...

This post makes me jealous.

Paula said...

Looks like a great day! I seem to remember Abe having lots of wrinkles.

Queen B said...

I am so not a fun of places that ban photography :(

If California Kim had been with you, you would have been banned because she finds that no photo rules are made to be broken.

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