Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Advent Calendar

After school yesterday, the kids and I made these adorable advent calendars. (For a better tutorial, go here). Mochi's are much cuter than ours, but I used what we had on hand-aren't those the best kinds of crafts?
You will need:
* two packages of 12 blister pack gum (I used Eclipse because that's all I could find, but Mochi used Dentyne Ice which was much cuter!)
* some fancy paper
* labels/stickers

1. Gently open the cardboard sleeve and use it as a template. Trace two pieces on your scrapbook paper.
2. Cut out the two pieces.
3. Glue the paper to the sleeve of each package of gum.
(This works better if you score each of your fold lines with a boning tool or by pressing heavily on the wrong side of paper with a pencil.)
4. With a sharpie, number one blister pack 1-12 and the other 13-24 on the foil on top of each piece of gum.
5. Cut a cover from another piece of paper and glue the two packs of gum to it book-style.
6. Decorate with stickers and labels.
Pop a piece of gum each day to count down to Christmas! Or, if you are like us and don't make your advent calendar until December 7th, pop TWO pieces of gum for a few days until you catch up!


Paula said...

You are so much better than Martha Stewart!

KFuj said...

What a great idea! Would you mind if we made these at card club this Sunday?

Andrea said...

I'd love for you to make them!! And I'd love it even more if you sent me a picture!

Queen B said...

wow. MacGuyver and I have many uses for gum, but advent calendar-making was not in our repertoire! the things we learn from Andrea Braun :)

Sandi said...

Hey,I want to be one of your students! Looks like a lot of fun.

Kim Thomas said...

You are so the coolest mom

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