Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Snowball Surprise Cookies

My annual cookie exchange is in two weeks. And Carolyn and I were invited to a Mother-Daughter Cookie Exchange here on the same day! There will be lots of baking around here soon! Today I tried out one of the recipes I am considering. It is a nice easy cookie and I think it will go great with the containers I am planning to use. (What, you don't plan your baking around your presentation?)
The competition at my exchange is pretty fierce. I definitely have to bring my A-game to keep up with these ladies!

printable recipe here.


Paula said...

They look yummy! What's the surprise inside?

KFuj said...

Can I put a Rolo or peanut butter M&M inside? Would that taste good with the powdered sugar?

Andrea said...

Mmmm, yes! The recipe calls for an M&M, but I didn't have any so I used a chocolate chip! ;D

Queen B said...


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