Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Road Trip

Queen B recently wrote about how much she enjoys my By the Numbers posts, so here are the numbers for our recent road trip:

2305-miles traveled
50-longhorn cattle we walked among
17-days the kids were gone
15-number of snoballs consumed
9-nights Jim and I spent away
9-states we drove through (GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, OK, AR, MO, TN)
4-vehicles we rode in
4-hours we spent at the Oklahoma City Memorial
3-siblings we visited
3- times Coleman's birthday was celebrated
2-pirates we saw
1-HCBC blogger we visited
0-number of children harmed in the making of this road trip


Carpool Queen said...

I heartily approve! Making memories, one sore backside at a time.....

Queen B said...

RO! This is a great one :) made more great by the fact that I got to witness some of it and live vicariously via blogger through the rest :)

Jane said...

This one is awesome!!!

Glad no one was harmed :)

KFuj said...

Love road trips. Hopefully Kyle will too!

I mom, therefore I blog.