Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

Wow!  2013-what a year! 

played the drums, played the cello,
stockpiled, tried to immigrate,
played for the high school, played for the Hawks, played for the Spartans, played for the Rock, played for the Blackhawks, played for Hawks Select, played for the Thunderbirds, played for FCA, played for a championship, played paper football, played ninja, played hand jive, played board games,
celebrated a wedding, celebrated Easter, celebrated a confirmation, celebrated a milestone,
hunted for eggs,
ran a race, ran another race, and another race, ran a fun run,
made art for tapestry, made art for reflections, made a point, made a quilt, made a ceiling tile, made another quilt, made some spending money, made an art portfolio, made two more groundhogs,
hung out with cousins, hung out with good friends, hung out with old friends, hung out with other cousins, hung out with high school players,
hiked to a swinging bridge, hiked to a waterfall,
went to Fort Walton Beach, went to Flagler Beach,
visited the sweetest place on earth, visited the city of brotherly love, visited the big apple, visited the scenic city, the queen city, and the garden city,
wore pajamas, wore a bow, wore stripes, wore an Indian dress, wore glow sticks, wore mustaches, wore tie dye, wore pink,
got crafty with headbands, with jerseys, with money, with bubbles, with wine glasses, with bunting, with foamcore. with pillows, with soap boxes, with old fence boards, with pumpkins, with chocolate, and for Christmas,
made it to double digits, became a teenager,
took off to the movies, took off for lunch, took off to the food trucks,
gave back at camp, worked at the foodbank not once, but twice,
rode a four-wheeler, rode roller coasters, rode horses,
saw a wagon train, saw ICE, saw an owl, saw Santa,
went to a swimmin' hole, went to a corn maze, went swimming in the cold, went swimming inside, went West, went bowling, went roller skating, went home again,
got a bruise, got another bruise,
began a new tradition, carried on an old tradition, carried on a cooking tradition,
met a gold medalist, earned another letter,
and became Duck fans


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Sara Watson said...

It exhausts me just reading the recap of all your adventures, but I feel 100% confident that no one had more fun than y'all :) L-O-V-E the recap!

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