Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review

2010-what a year!  

watched a parade, went to a football gameplayed with Legoswent to Hollywood and forgot our ties, ate a burger, ate another burgerate Greek, ate Cubanate for a good cause, ate the solar system, ate on the govisited the happiest place on earth, visited a castle, visited a memorial, lost our keys, snowboarded in Georgia, wore hats and made houses for Haiti, read 100 books, did Da Vincilost a tooth, lost the glasses, lost the Diet Cokedanced with Dad, danced with friends, danced in the street, had rolls thrown at usrallied with readers, reLAXed, and LAXed and LAXed some more,  took the SAT, made rubber eggsmade colored eggsmet an idol, buzzed like bugzwere countedsaw the Tigers playsaw the Pacificsaw Warholsaw some elksaw a play, went to the swimmin' holewent undercoverwent to Arkansas (on purpose),  found some fossils, fed some fish, rode the gokarts, rode the tire swing, rode a jet skirode on two wheelsbroke Spring with friends, did a good deed, rocked the cellodid my civic dutydidn't do my civic duty, monkey'd around, was not alone at the drive-in, weighed my car, headed to the big D, dipped our feet in a fountain, drove some cattle, picked a nose, picked some applestook a trip in a time machine (with a pirate),   took off on a Tuesday with a Texas Queen in Tennessee, went underground, went to space, went to a battlefieldhad pizza at the pool, rode roller coasters, ate donuts at the bus stop, got a job, worked for foodremembered, reflected, were thankfultook a DNA test, labored hard, had fun at a run, had breakfast with dad, watched lacrosseplayed lacrosseplayed manhuntplayed lacrosseplayed lacrosse, and oh yeah, played lacrosse! won a race, won a warpainted the world, built a boatlaunched a boat, shared cupcakes with rats, talked with our hands, made a listran a 5K, got inked, got ice creamgot new pajamas, got a new baby, got balloon hats, got a new computer, had a white Christmas, made this quilt, this quiltthese quilts, and these quilts, baked too many sweets to list 

and nobody had MORE FUN THAN US!

2009, 2008


Jim said...

No wonder why I am tired.

Jenn Ann said...

I love that you do this!

Queen B said...

LOL. I'm exhausted reading this! 100 books??? I'm still amazed by that.

Jane said...


Happy new year

Kim Thomas said...

I so love your recaps.....AWESOME..

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