Sunday, January 04, 2009

2008 Was A Whirlwind

Ready?  Here goes!

played in the snow, won a national championshipretreated, crossed the gorge, flashbacked, walked under the world's largest dinosaur, racked up at BINGO, made king cakes, celebrated Mardi Gras, hiked the state parks, went to hockey games, got some culture, hosted Children of the World, drank green milkshakes, slipped on jelly beans, said "I'm a mac", planted a garden, played lacrosse, got greener, wrangled a snake, ate pie at Lea'swent to Death Valleyplumbed a bath, ate crawfish, do-si-doedbuzzed like a bee, learned to buzz cutgraduated from preschoolfinished elementary school, ran a 5K, danced ballet, walked 13.1, took off on a lot of Tuesdays (and even some Thursdays!), visited Georgia's first city, climbed a lighthouse, hobnobbed with Paula, mined for gold, drank coca-cola, followed the antebellum trail, ate fried green tomatoes, tried plantation life, tried tribal life, "went" to Paris, walked down the aisle, cut a rug, went to jail, worried, walked like a penguin, went to the island, saw some ponies, swam in the ocean, clammed, changed a flat (or two, or three!) rocked out, welcomed a new baby, picked blueberries, started kindergarten, started middle school, played football, learned to quilt, said hello to a cello, shot the hootch, delivered the news, planted trees, ate at Chili's, pet alpacas, played soccer, got a new address, got a haircut, made scarecrows, went medieval, did a civic duty, picked apples, reflected, said "wow!"said "aargh!", won twice, hung with the hot chicks, were funaholics, stuck our tongues out, picked pumpkins, discovered how much Diet Coke it would take to kill me, roller skated, did the chicken dance, saw a movie, had a lemonade stand, had a garage sale, almost ran out of gas, learned to embroider, weptchilled with cousins, rode a horse, were thankful, cooked a lot, baked a lotsaid goodbye to an old friend, danced in the cabbage patch, made a list, went to the top of a mountain, weighed our candysang with the muppets, sat in Santa's lap, ran a half, raised money for a good causesaw an army, ate a LOT of cookies, had a snowball fight, committed theft, solved a murder, built a house, worshipped the Savior, read a lot of books, loved, laughed, LIVED!

(And these were just the highlights!)
2009-here we come!


Queen B said...

maybe I should make "do half as much as the Braun family" my 2009 New Year's resolution!

Diane said...

WOW! You were busy:)

Andrea said...

Whew...Just reading all that has worn me out.

Queen B - I'm gonna try for a quarter of what the Braun family does.

Wendy said...

You had an amazingly busy (with lots of fun!) year.

Paula said...

And hopefully, 2009 will have you visiting KY for the LSU game! I'll let you know as soon as our ticket info comes! (Usually in Feb/Mar)

Kim A said...

Whew! I am exhausted just reading that list! Fun Times!

Kim Thomas said...

This is a fabulous list!

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